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Sven Richter

Senior Software Engineer - Freelancer - Web Developer - Backend Developer
Dipl. Informatiker (FH)



Professional Engineer with more than 15 years experience. Started coding with the age of 11 and never stopped learning since then.

I am also interested into a variety of different stuff like marketing, stock exchanges, finances, cryptocurrencies, self development, non violent communication, making music, reading, writing and fitness and sports in general.

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2012 -

2010 - 2012

2000 - 2010

1991 - 2000

Senior Software Engineer @ Software AG

Software Developer @ Druck und Werte

Studying and Self Employed

Private Projects

Programming Languages

Java, Clojure, Clojurescript, Javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS, Bash, Scala, SQL, XML, C, C++, Groovy


React, CAF, JCR, Software AG Designer, OSGi, ehCache, Docker, SQL based Database Systems, Webmethods Server, Jquery, Zend, Application Server, Hibernate, JPA, Smartgwt, Linux / Unix, Grails, Akka, Apache Camel, Datomic, Jackson, REST, SOAP, Hiccup, Git, SVN


Gathering requirements, Design, Development, Benchmarking / Profiling, Integration / System Testing, Continuous Integration, Deployment, Server Management, Support (Bugfixes, Fix Release Management), Customer Contact